DAVID E WILLIAMS - pseudo erotica and beyond 86-98

David E williams (reseña en ingles)

Though he's dabbled in neo-Weimar cabaret, abrasive electronics and even film scores, David E. Williams is best known for electro-symphonic pop and a lyrical humor so dark that it's not really funny. Some might call it gallows humor, but "gas chamber humor" is a bit more accurate for his love songs rife with murder, abuse and obscure references to eating. Williams has been described as "Barry Manilow's evil twin" (Jim Knipfel, NY Press), "Liberace with a brain tumor" (Michael Moynihan, Blood Axis) and "Andrew Lloyd Webber in the final stages of cerebral cancer" (Headpress, U.K.). In 2007, Old Europa Cafe Records released THE APPEAL OF DISCARDED ORTHODOXY, a double CD of 38 artists covering Williams' songs. Beyond his solo work, he has collaborated with a diverse spectrum of underground luminaries that includes Bleiburg (martial ambient), Deathpile (power electronics), Naevus (post punk folk noir), Nazi UFO Commander (Neuschwabender trance), Thomas Nola (decadent music hall) and, most famously, Rozz Williams, the former Christian Death lead singer for whom Williams arranged and produced the posthumous live CD ACCEPT THE GIFT OF SIN

para mas informacion esta su myspace y su pagina

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Me harias el gran favor de cambiar el link de descarga? Es que como veras, el link que dejas no sirve mas...Adoro a David E. Williams, pero solo tengo un par de cd's de el, asi que te seria muy agradecido si me hicieras el favor de cambiar el link.
Desde ya muchas gracias!

minddecay dijo...

ok... lo busco y lo subo

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